Bassnectar – “Reflective 3” Review By Guest Contributor Peter Jacus

After a whirlwind summer of headlining festivals, Lorin Ashton AKA Bassnectar drops the third installment of his “Reflective Series” journey. Reflective Pt. 3 is everything we needed, a fully collaborative project featuring old nostalgic sounds and new explorative basslines.

The EP starts with a flashback to 2007 with a remix of “FSOSF” (Future Sounds of San Francisco) from his underground communication project. This track has huge live potential and an incredibly nostalgic feel.

The following track, Heavyweight Sound, is a banger in every in every sense of the word and undeniably my favorite song on the project. We experienced this track at Electric Forest Music Festival and Bonnaroo and it absolutely slaps live.

The rest of the EP has a large spectrum of experimental melodies and basslines, including beatboxing from Reeps One, and most notably a beautifully remixed version of Rusko’s High.

Fortunately, It is rumored that Part 4 is in the works so this shouldn’t conclude the Reflective experience. Anyone going to Basscenter 11, this upcoming weekend in Hampton, VA, is surely ecstatic to be able to see the bass god throw down some brand new music.

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