Space Jesus & Conrank team up for “Meatball Parm”

Space Jesus just finished his fall tour, and for his newest track, he recruits one of the tours’ killer openers, Conrank. Today’s release, through Circus Records, is titled “Meatball Parm” and is exactly what you would expect from the record label founded by two legendary dubstep acts, Doctor P and Flux Pavillion.

“Meatball Parm” is a Circus debut for Space Jesus, who has had massive releases from Deadbeats and Wakaan in the past. Even though the vocal samples are pretty absurd, this song is no joke. Heavy, wompy goodness ahead. Coming off a massive collab with Bassnectar, this is one hell of a follow-up for UK born producer, Circus Records regular, Conrank. This one is sure to have your neck broken by the end of the week. Check it out on Soundcloud above.

From his heartwarming Instagram with Zeke Beats, it looks like Space Jesus had a blast on tour with Conrank.




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