The highly anticipated EP from our friend Graves is finally here and it’s absolutely incredible. “Far From Here” includes seven glorious new tracks. With features from ZEKE BEATS, Fytch, EZI and VELVETEARS, there is absolutely no lack of talent on FFH backup duty.

Graves’ solo effort, “Reset”, is like nothing I’ve heard up until this point and I love what he was able to do with these glitchy effects and minimalist feels. There’s a ton of emotion shining throughout this EP, either in the form of catchy lyrics or his beautifully crafted melodies.

I would say Glass Hearts with Lil Narnia and Hex Cougar is my favorite track for sure, but many come close. Overall, the energy coming from Graves throughout this project is insane, all I have to say is it’s a must listen. Check out “Far From Here” below. Also, be sure to peep our exclusive interview with Graves from last month!


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