One of our favorite guest contributors is back! Today, Peter is going to give us his thoughts on Reflective Part 4, Bassnectar‘s most recent sub-section of his epic Reflective series. Be sure to check out his past write up on Part 3 and also our Bassnectar 360 NYE review.

As festival season slowly ramps up, Bassnectar drops Part 4 of the Reflective collection. This EP is comprised of 7 tracks ranging from remakes of longtime classics to collaborations on new classics. Lorin starts the project with his second collaboration with Hailo. Titled “Irresistible force”, this deep dive with soothing bass has a similar vibe to “Nothing Has Been Broken” from his Vava Voom EP.

Illusion” features one of the bass scene’s newest rising stars, Peekaboo, and is a heavy hitter. You can always expect wildstyle basslines from these two and this track is no exception. Peekaboo made a huge name for himself this past year with nonstop releases and huge festival dates.

Lorin returns to his native sound for the majority of the new release, “Dive” featuring RD is incredibly nostalgic to their sound. Jantsen is no stranger to Lorin. With countless classic collaborations under their belt, it seems they can do no wrong working together. “It’s About To Get Hectic” is no exception. This refreshing tune blurs the lines between Dubstep and DnB and is an absolute heater.

Lorin takes it back to his roots with this next track, “Undercover”. Filled with old school sounds this track has huge potential for lots of acapellas layered in a live setting. His “Sound In A Dark Room” remix is a beautifully made downtempo track. Oozing calm and clear sounds, Lorin explores different tempos and moods.  He concludes part 4 with a remix of his fan-beloved and coveted “Leprechauns Arise”, originally released back in 2005. This remake made its debut at Basscenter last fall at the Hampton Coliseum, or as many chose to call it, the Mothership.





  1. Awesomeeeee blog!! I love the way you guys describe the music, from the calm and clear sounds to the blur between dub and dnb. Keep it up fam, much love 😉 Stay wonky friends

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