Liquid Stranger‘s downtempo label, SSKWAN, continues to slowly but surely bring us the chill beats we all need in our lives. We have seen monumental releases already from prominent producers, such as Au5 and INZO. Today, SSKWAN brings you a more intriguing release by two up-and-coming bass producers. MIZE and Super Future release their highly-anticipated collab titled “SATORI”.

“SATORI” isn’t the typical bass track that MIZE and Super Future are known for. Keeping with the theme of SSKWAN, this track brings a stunning combination of both downtempo and experimental vibes, and the results are incredible. From start to finish, you’re given ethereal sounds that have not been heard before, yet are so, so soothing. The drops that MIZE and Super Future include are some of the catchiest we have heard so far this year. Towards the end, they shock you even more with a gorgeous guitar solo. This track is truly unlike any other!

MIZE is no stranger to the bass scene, and he is primed for a huge year. In November, the Alabama based producer released an incredible five-track EP “Thought Process” on Wakaan that have received serious praise. His mixes throughout 2020 have put him on the radar everywhere, (not to mention our killer guest mix from him back in 2019), and we expect to see much more of him as he continues to push boundaries.

Super Future, on the other hand, is a producer you absolutely need to keep your eye on. The Detroit-based producer has a sort of vibe to him that you can’t stop listening to. His tracks experiment with all sorts of bass subgenres and, as a result, have taken notice from producers such as Griz, Wreckno, and Space Wizard. We know he’s going to have a huge year as well. We asked Super Future about the importance of SATORI to him, and here’s what he had to say:

“So from the beginning my intention when working with someone as versatile as Mize was to 1) make sure I nailed mixing beautiful sounds with bassy sounds and make them coexist perfectly, and 2) try and create an original feeling of bliss in the drop. On my journey in doing that I really discovered that I could really dive deep into making this style of music that brings a sense of consciousness, healing feelings in the sound. ‘Satori’ the name felt perfect because all those feelings rolled into one experience feels and sounds like what I would call ‘sudden experience of enlightenment’ as the Buddhist called it. That’s the definition of satori. I think Mize and I realized that we could really work in the melodic downtempo bass sphere after this one. It’s honestly a masterpiece in my opinion, and somehow we rolled a guitar solo in there too.”

You can check out this groundbreaking collab below! Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on this one!

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