If you’ve never heard of them you’ve seen their work, Tessa Pasian is a prolific photographer who photographs anything from portraits to live music. Their passion to show life as they see it has put them working alongside beloved artists such as Rezz, Peekaboo, and Liquid Stranger to just name a few, capturing their stories and bringing the action to our screens.

After their musical debut being featured on Liquid Stranger’s INFINITY, Tessa Paisan is back with her first single. This time though, they are going under a new moniker, Miss Tiddy, and she is linking up with the iconic queer artists Wreckno and Gardella

Titled “Watch Me,” the track is a bisexual-themed rap song born out of messing around in the studio. Meant to bring a smile to your face and your ass to the dancefloor, she had so much fun in the creation of “Watch Me” they decided it needed to be released, and more importantly, we needed to hear it. Written as an LGBTQ anthem, it only made sense to employ the young, rich, gay, and handsome Wreckno and Gardella. Opening up about the process of “Watch Me”, Tessa had this to say:

“Since the pandemic began, I haven’t had the same chances to create and express myself through festival photography. My partner, Aiden aka DNMO, brought me to the studio with him one day and we thought it would be funny if I tried to rap over this beat he had made. I quickly wrote a silly- bisexual-themed rap song aka Watch Me and had so much fun doing it I decided I wanted to release it. I ended up showing the song to my friend, Wreckno. Himself and Gardella decided they would love to write a verse on it to continue the theme of it being an LBGT+ anthem. I love the way the song turned out, I hope it brings people laughs and ass shakes.”

Out now, you can throw it back to Miss Tiddy, Wreckno, and Gardella’s “Watch Me.” Be sure to let us know what you think of the tune in the comments or on our socials! Be sure to look out for that gorilla grip!

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