Vibe Emissions and Engix are two of the hottest names in the underground bass world. If you aren’t hip to them, it’s time to get hip.

Today, the two underground goliaths are linking up for a brand new EP off Mersiv’s MorFlo records. “Shadow Work” is out now and includes two filthy new collabs from these talented producers.

The first track, “Soundboy Anthem”,  is obviously dedicated to all the soundboys and girls out there. Quickly developing into a disgusting bass blaster, this one is going to be a great addition to any bass music fan’s library. Exhilarating wubs surround the listener, instantly transporting them to a deep, dark, dubstep-filled abyss.

The title and final track, “Shadow Work”, shows off more of Vibe Emission and Engix’s production chops. With more experimental sounds than the previous effort, this one should be listened to on BIG speakers, if you have them of course. Ground-breaking, crunchy bass is going to knock you into oblivion and truly give you that “Shadow Work”.

Which tune did you like more? Let us know down below in the comments and be sure to support “Shadow Work” on Spotify below!

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