Vibe Emissions is one of the superstars of the underground. The young producer is always cranking out heat, he’s unleashed tons of music in 2021 and we aren’t even halfway through the year!

Most recently, Vibe Emissions teamed up with fellow underground bass artist Engix for their impressive Shadow Work EP. It was released off Mersiv‘s MorFlo Records and got tons of praise throughout the scene.

Vibe Emissions is also geared up to perform at the 2021 edition of The Untz Festival, alongside bass behemoths like Charlesthefirst, Of The Trees, Kll Smth, Chee, MeSo, Ravenscoon, and tons of other talented performers.

Here’s what Vibe Emissions had to say about his brand new HIHF guest mix, we are ecstatic to have him on board!

“This guest mix is special to me because it includes a lot of the new unreleased tracks I’ve been working on recently, and it really captures the energy you would feel live at a Vibe Emissions show. From sunrise vibes, to crunk muzik, to DNB with Notorious B.I.G., this mix really represents where the Vibe Emissions project is currently at” – Vibe Emissions

We hope you enjoy this new mix as much as we did! Be sure to show him some love on his socials!

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Vibe Emissions – Sunrise (ID)
Chmura – What We Owe
Slave – Rise Together (Vibe Emissions Remix)
Mersiv – Osmosis
–Trillville – Get Some Crunk in yo System–
Vibe Emissions – Choked Out (ID)
Big City & Vibe Emissions – Anotha One
Zeplinn & Vibe Emissions – Window Seat (ID)
Wiley x jordnmoody x Wreckno – ACIDEARS
Vibe Emissions – Pump the Bass (ID)
Vibe Emissions – Going out Blastin’ (ID)
Vibe Emissions & HUMORME – Madness
Roadsbeaf – AK47 (VIP)
Vibe Emissions – Destiny (ID)
Gramz – GABBA
–Dipset – Crunk Muzik–
Vibe Emissions x Engix – Soundboy Anthem
Vibe Emissions – New Style (ID)
Vibe Emissions x BroMosapien – Watch ya Mouth (ID)
Vibe Emissions – Back in My (ID)
Sam Binga, Paul Wall – All Cap
Emperor – Sunder
Vibe Emissions – ID
IMANU – Lucifer
Sub Focus – Siren
–Notorious B.I.G. – Gimme da Loot–

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