Coming fresh off a stunning live stream event, Supertask has delivered fans the goods. His first full-length project since the unveiling of his iconic project “Net User” in 2019 is here. We can assure you that it was worth the wait. The new gas pack of an album, “Connection”, is everything we hoped it would be.

Supertask is slated to make performance appearances at multiple festivals, including The Untz, Yonderville, and CharlesTheFirst’s debut Wyoming two night event, alongside Eprom, Yheti, Tsuruda, Esseks, and tons of other talented producers and DJs.

Somewhere in between tranquility and mesmerizing, “Connection” is sure to leave your jaw on the floorboards. This entrancing, hypnotic project brings emotion to bass music. Hip-hop orientated and heavy, Supertask certainly hits all the marks on this one.

Inspired and written during the COVID-19 lockdowns, this new LP encapsulates somber emotions and strives to bring connection to a connectionless world. What did you think of the new full-length project from Supertask? Let us know down below in the comments.

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