AUSTERIA is back! The Dubstep and bass producer has impressed us multiple times in the past and is returning in the form of her new single “Meritage“. We’ve hosted AUSTERIA multiple times for our Cabin Fever Festival as well as our Cabin Fever Sessions and our HIHF Guest Mix Series. You can peep her exclusive guest mix here.

She also performed at JEANIE’s GRL FEST and has released through the GRL GANG label on her “Shakuhachi” collaboration with fellow Marylander Zingara.

“Meritage” features a chilling buildup, utilizing eastern strings and stylings. It quickly transforms into a destructive bass banger, filled with brutal wobbles throughout the track.

This lo-fi effort from AUSTERIA is yet another example of her production prowess. This Maryland/Washington DC producer has a big future ahead of her and she was just booked for West Virginia’s Yonderville Festival, alongside EPROM, CHEE, Supertask, Tiedye Ky, and loads of other talented artists.

What did you think of AUSTERIA’s newest self-release? Let us know down below in the comments.

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