Yheti. Tyler Yheti. One-third of the Trifinity (alongside his brother Toadface and Mt. Analogue). Some even call him Yhet Spaghett. Whatever his name is to you, Yheti is one of the most influential bass producers of our time.

He has been on a grind for over fifteen years, putting out some of the most poppin’ hits in the scene. There are no boundaries to what Yheti can create, as his experimental design is second to none. He has continued to drop knowledge and insight on the scene as an influential figure and improve the lives of many.

Last year, Yheti dropped his highly successful album “The Party Has Changed”, which featured eleven tracks jam-packed with the weirdest sounds you could ever imagine. Yheti implemented different vibes in each track to tell a different story. There was not a single track off of the album that did not stun us. Yheti provided fans a true journey through another dimension and had listeners replaying the album from start to finish throughout quarantine.

Today, Yheti returns with a follow-up to his last album. “Noetic Sunrise” is yet another perfect body of work from the generational talent. It’s one of those rare EPs that should not be placed on shuffle, as the tracks take you on one big adventure through sound throughout. It had us speechless, with our jaws on the floor, by the time it was over.

Yheti begins the EP with the track “think about you everyday”, which is a slow, yet soothing introduction filled to the core with gorgeous synths. The next two tracks offer the same slow vibe that the intro provided, however, pick up with more uplifting energy that Yheti has provided for years.

By the time “new perception” hits, the energy starts to peak. The percussions, synths, and bass sounds bring light that most definitely will put a smile on your face. The EP closes out with “never see you again”, which is reminiscent of the first track, inducing a slow and soothing beauty. It’s as if this EP represents the sun rising and goes through a full descend each day.

What stands out most about Yheti’s EP “Noetic Sunrise” is how he explores emotions through his music. After a long year of hardships from the pandemic, Yheti tried to construe what everyone was feeling into each of these eight new tracks. Everyone went through something different over the past year and that is a message Yheti was able to convey successfully. While he continues to push boundaries with his creative sound, the sensation he showcases in his EP really proves how beautiful electronic music can be.

“Noetic Sunrise” might as well be a contender for the best bass album of the year for me. You can check out this gorgeous work of art below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section or on our socials. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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