MIZE was exposed to a myriad of genres at a young age ranging from classic rock to hip-hop and trap. His eclectic taste and background knowledge of music is exemplified in both his live sets and his production and have truly set him apart from other up and comers. MIZE’s production style is characterized as melodic dubstep, heavy bass, and ambient downtempo. We are big fans of MIZE over here at HIHF, he even delivered an exclusive guest mix which you can check out here

MIZE has had an impressive amount of releases over the past year. In November of 2020, he debuted on WAKAAN, unleashing the “Thought Process”  EP. In February, MIZE teamed up with Super Future making yet another iconic debut with SSKWAN, WAKAAN’s sister downtempo label, where they unveiled the hypnotic collaboration “Satori”.

His latest single was released through WAKAAN, yet again, titled “Refraction”.  The tune was even played out during Zeds Dead’s Red Rocks performance a few weeks back and the crowd reaction was off the walls.

Today, MIZE has unleashed his glorious EP titled “Balancing Act” , out now through SSKWAN. The EP takes the listener on an interdimensional journey with a wide range of sounds that tap into various emotions. “Balance” serves as an uptempo effort with a wompy break that leaves his audience craving more. MIZE explores his downtempo bass sound with “Infinite Expansion”, a track that soothes your mind with delicate synths and a mystical melody.

Throughout the EP, MIZE showcases a different side of his production prowess that caters to the musical tastes of different bass fans across the world. He expressed his inspiration and creative process behind the EP stating the following:

“‘Balancing Act’ is both a call back to some of the sounds and places that made this project come together in the beginning as well as foreshadow of the new ideas, techniques, and themes I’ve been diving into as of late. Constantly as I grow older I notice that many aspects of my life are endless periods of balancing many things whether they be relationships, work, leisure, time, and even things as simple as taking care of your own body. I find that sometimes being an artist can be a Balancing Act of adopting new ideas while also attempting to keep the essence of what brought me here alive.”

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