Matphilly‘s twelve-track “I May Be Through With The Past, But The Past Is Not Through With Me” is out this Wednesday and we had the pleasure of premiering one of the tunes from the L.A. based artists’ upcoming full-length album.

The Nightenjin mainstay and 2020 Insomniac Discovery winner has recruited Copeland’s Aaron Marsh to be a part of the new tune, contributing vocals, strings, and piano to the album’s single. “sorry, i can’t get you into academy la” is a tribute to the punk-rock bands that Matphilly used to both be in and worship, but also goes out to his late girlfriend, who was tragically murdered in 2007.

It’s an anthem for the distraught, to help the listener focus not only on where they have been but also on the upwards trajectory that is yet to come.

Here’s what Matphilly had to say about the emotion behind this new release, which is also the album’s closing track:

“This album is a representation of my chaotic life during my struggles with drugs, depression, anxiety, bipolar, suicide, death of my girlfriend and brother, and my process of getting clean.

“This song was also largely by my girlfriend who was murdered back in 2007. We were big Copeland fans and all these years later, I’m still dealing with that terrible day. I thought having Aaron on the song would be something she would be so happy to hear me do. She’s a huge reason why I make music.

Needless to say, this is my favorite track of the album. It’s a great way to end the album, topped off with a sample of film rolling to represent that my story has finally been told.” – Matphilly

This deep new effort is the perfect tribute to the things that Matphilly has lost. It’s straight from the heart, with Matphilly using his art to process what he has been through. Raw, unfiltered, and full of emotion, this new track is sure to hit you right in the feels.

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