Michigan-based producer and rapper Wreckno teamed up with G-Space, Ruku, and lysn. to release their acclaimed booty-shaker, “WHO GON CHEQ ME.” The tune debuted during G-Space’s 2020 Okeechobee Set and was heard again during lysn.’s Cabin Fever Festival set for Heard it Here First and The Innocence Project back in 2020, since then this one has been highly anticipated. The song is a love letter to boom-bap style Hip Hop with fresh lyrics, wubs, womps, and a music video.

G-Space comes out swinging with the production on this track. There’s a brief melody introduced with a moody flute that’s complemented by deep 808s you can feel in your chest. The 808s drive the groove with pretty minimal trap-like percussion otherwise to leave space for the vocals. The song is primarily lyrically driven with wubs, wonks, and donks tastefully interspersed throughout the pockets in the verses and hooks.

lysn., a producer from Brooklyn, NY, has the first verse. She thoroughly sets the tone for the song, offering an attitude-filled critique of club culture. The song goes back into the hook, Wreckno goes off on the bridge with “pop a wheelie on a zeitgeist,” at the end of each phrase which is easily the biggest ear-worm this year and a nod to Kanye West‘s Yeezus cut “I’m In It”.

Ruku, an indie-folk artist and vocalist from Tampa, Florida, takes the next verse. This one is more chilled out, really showcasing the swing and cadence between the lyrics and the various layers of sound. This sets the stage for Wreckno’s final verse which comes in hot and heavy to finish off the song. His voice is really front and center, there’s no way you won’t walk away with the hook and bridge thoroughly stuck in your head. 

The music video is fun, vaguely culty, and dripping with Wreckno’s unapologetically queer style. It opens with a tongue-in-cheek nod to how long this track has been in the oven since the first time we heard it at Okeechobee. The video has all the motifs you’d expect from a throwback hip hop music video; strippers, booties, dollar bills, and even a pool table. Everyone featured gets a moment to flaunt their style, even G-Space steps up for a couple of his signature flips. Wreckno’s verse heats things up a bit with boys on leashes and a stunning rainbow kitty look from Orlando, Florida-based Drag Queen, Waka Shame

“WHO GON CHEQ ME” is an exciting and accessible release that would work in any wonky bass set, or even at the club. Definitely a vibe for the rest of summer 2021. 

Crates I’m putting this into: Wubs & Wonks, Lowtemp Trap, Summer 2021 Anthems.

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