The Mindtality moniker is a mere glimpse into the musical and artistic brilliance of Collin Panasik, a New Jersey native,  who now resides in Providence, Rhode Island. Since conceiving the Mindtality project in 2018, he has been serenading us with cosmic sounds composed of atmospheric stylings, downtempo trip-hop, groovy head-nod-beats, and even unique neuro-bops. 

Stemming from his collaborative efforts with the Soundz Organic team, Mindtality stays ready for festival season and opportunities to deliver listeners with his immaculate sound design and live performance powered by an arsenal of excellent audio and visual content.

HIHF holds the exclusive pleasure of premiering the new track “Split Minds” with Mindtality, just one day before his upcoming LP Staggered is unveiled. 

“Split Minds”  initially draws listeners in with an exciting rush of sounds. The track itself is a softly blended mix with an edgy, yet seductive underlying melody that appears early on.  Mindality’s very obvious production skillset shines through as many layers emerge and blossom into a dynamic flow. The blend of sounds almost transports listeners in a blissful bubble of free-form sounds.

Without a doubt, we are extremely lucky to experience the talented sound weaving that is Mindtality. He humbly claims “The track was a nice reiteration of an old concept two years ago, just refreshed with new sampling and sound design.”

This track is perfect for fans of VCTREHullabalo0, kLL sMTH, or Resonant Language. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did!

What did you think of Mindtality’s latest creation? It’s the perfect new addition to one’s left-field bass playlist! Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

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