Shlump has collaborated with Pure Powers once again. Today, they have released their title track, “Drift Away,” off Shlump’s upcoming Wakaan EP.

While growing up in the bay area, it was only at the age of nine that Michael Petzel (Shlump) learned to play guitar and fell in love with music. While in high school, Michael started to grow an interest in electronic music. After attending a few electronic festivals, his love for bass music grew even more. He eventually started producing and found his signature “space bass” sound, which ignited his career as a staple of the Wakaan label and a force to be reckoned with in the dubstep world.

Shlump has been blessing our ears with his alien bass sounds for quite a while now and impresses each and every time. He has released music on esteemed labels like Wakaan, Deep Dark & Dangerous, Circus Records, and Deadbeats. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with artists such as Liquid Stranger, LSDream, and Subdocta. Shlump has also performed at big-time festivals like Bonnaroo in Tennessee and Shambhala in Canada and always leaves the crowd with a permanent case of bass-face after his sets.

Shlump’s newest track, “Drift Away,”  fits right in with the rest of his discography. It has the same unique sound that he’s known for, but this time around with a melodic tone. All the elements of “Drift Away”, from the intro to the vocals from Pure Powers, are all cohesive, creating an atmosphere of being lost in outer space or actually drifting away. Even the drop, which is a bit heavier, still continues to create this same atmosphere, as if our universe is suddenly filled with mysterious and possibly dangerous space invaders. Here is what Shlump had to say about the new single:

“I wrote the initial ideas for “Drift Away” a while back. The original drop was totally different but it had the same intro and structure. I showed it to my friend “Pure Powers” and saw a twinkle in his eye. We collaboratively wrote the lyrics and recorded them in a few hour session. After playing the tune out a bit, I came to the conclusion that something could be improved. During the pandemic, I decided to try and have some fun rewriting the drop. The lyrics feel like they create a tangible feeling that people can touch and relate with. After rewriting the drop to be heavier and reflect the descent of drifting away, the track finally felt complete and with the melodic hook, felt perfect for the title track to my upcoming EP.” -Shlump

After this track, we are amped to hear the rest of Shlump’s upcoming EP. Listen to “Drift Away” down below for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comment section or on our socials!

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