MIZE has done it again. The digital bass maestro is giving his loyal fan base what they want with this highly-anticipated single, “Switch”. This heavy-hitting track has been featured in a few of his illustrious SoundCloud mixes and has even been showcased live by dubstep superstar, Subtronics. “Switch” marks MIZE’s debut with the up-and-coming label Cyclops Records, started by Subtronics himself.

Switch” perfectly captures MIZE’s heavier side. The track starts with a mysterious energy that builds as your head starts to bob. You’re then slapped with a catchy and masterfully-distorted melody warped with a pleasant pounding that’s sure to get your body moving. “Switch” is the first release of the year for the Alabama-raised producer. Here’s what he had to say about his creation:

“One week I was on a roll writing some pretty heavy tracks and this one came together really seamlessly,” MIZE says. “As soon as I wrote the riff I knew it was gonna be a hit – from there I made this sound reminiscent of an older time in dubstep and the magic started to happen.”

MIZE is set to have a groundbreaking 2022. You can catch him on the B A L A N C E Tour with Liquid Stranger and Mersiv or see him at a number of festivals including Okeechobee, Ubbi Dubbi, Sonic Bloom, and more.

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