Vibe Emissions has steadily been making a name for himself in the underground bass community. He displays incredible synthesis prowess, with tunes featuring an onslaught of variable bass sounds and melodies. His energy during his live performances is unmatched as he unleashes bass anthems fit for any sound system. Vibe Emissions newest EP, Heavyweight, might just be some of his best work yet.

Coming off a stellar 2021 which saw him play The Untz, Infrasound, Sound Haven, Dubaween, and a co-headlining tour, Vibe Emissions is already off to a magnificent start to 2022. In April he will be headlining Wub N Dub Music Festival with the iconic MeSo. His music is in-your-face in the best way possible, as gritty, warped textures are a staple of Vibe Emissions tracks.

Heavyweight Anthems

Sunrise” marks the beginning of this EP’s journey. A mellow intro builds tension before a wicked, distorted bassline cuts through the mix. Teases of the introductory topline melody complement the bassline throughout the song, diversifying the soundscape as it progresses. The project’s eponymous track “Heavyweight” features a heavy dose of Sci-Fi sound effects before the bass takes over as if being blasted with a laser. The tune’s topline is incredibly catchy as well, and it’ll have you humming along.

“Watch ya Mouth” with BroMosapien is a halftime masterpiece. These two artists exemplify what it means to be a “heavyweight” in the scene, as they consistently deliver some of the heaviest and grooviest basslines in the game. Their music is tough and meant to flex on sound systems across the world.

“Back in My” opts for a slightly more subdued approach. The track employs variable bass stabs and vocal chops that dot the soundscape. This effort combines classic percussive elements from hip-hop while infusing the beat with new-age bass synthesis.

Last and most certainly not least is “Pump the Bass.” Employing a mid-range bassline, “Pump the Bass” relies more on a single bass synth than any other track on the project. The distorted vocal samples from Westcoast Connection‘s hit “3 Time Felons” deliver incredible energy and set this one apart.

“These tracks have been so much fun to play out live. I’ve really been trying to dial in my sound and diversify my projects, and I think this EP accurately reflects that.” -Vibe Emissions

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