Mindtality, the project behind Rhode Island resident Collin Panasik, produces some incredibly unique music to catch your ear. The combination of both downtempo and halftime/glitch-hop tunes has led to him garnering a fanbase rather quickly. He has been honing a sound of his own and maintained a stunning discography to show that. He is also a member of the epic Soundz Organic crew.

Tomorrow, Mindtality unleashes his new EP, “Cut Comms”. This wicked EP showcases his signature production stylings to a tee. His range over these six tracks proves he has a crystal clear future ahead of him in the constantly growing.

Today, we have the pleasure of linking with Mindtality for a HIHF premiere of his new track, “Switched Relay”. Visual artist Cronus Project provided a sick visual piece to pair with the track, check out that animation below.

“Switched Relay” kicks off with plenty of energetic grooves, complimented by a catchy set of drums. It’s not long until Mindtality shifts gears. Providing a wild selection of glitches and wubs, he brings a flow like none other. The tempo feels just right, and you can feel how well it blends with the range Mindtality provides throughout the track. This one is sure to get crowds moving this summer come festival season!

Here’s what Mindtality had to say about “Switched Relay”:

“I sort of made this track by accident, just sound design that ended up turning into a full song. It focuses more on the experimental, uptempo side of the project, while giving a nod to some of my favorite styles right now.” – Mindtality

Mindtality brought out the vibes here with “Switched Relay”. We cannot wait to see what’s in store for the booming up-and-comer. The full EP will be out tomorrow as well. You can check out the track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments or on our socials! Big ups to Choreograft for the sick album artwork

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