Today, MorFlo Records is proud to announce the release of their “Reverberate” compilation, a massive sixteen-track collaborative album featuring some of the hottest artists in the bass music world. Being festival season and their first compilation since 2020, “Reverberate” focuses on the heavier side of dubstep with multiple feet-stomping, head-banging bass ballads across the release. Featuring numerous MorFlo residents such as MLOTIK and SuperAve and several rising up-and-comers such as Cyber GAHEEDalfinKNETICARaaket, and Matheny (who we just did a premiere on yesterday), this is MorFlo’s most exciting release to date. Also appearing on the album are NotixxGreen Matter, and illanthropy, all of which have contributed to HIHF‘s guest mix series in the past.

MorFlo Records was brought to life by Anderson Benoit Gallegos, better known to the dubstep community as Mersiv. Focusing on freeform bass, the collective showcases many of the industry’s top rising stars. Mersiv started his career in 2015, and since the release of his debut album “Pretty Dark Loud” in 2021 and going on tour with Liquid Stranger on the BALANCE tour, his musical journey has reached its highest heights so far, and it’s clear that the sky is the limit for what is next. 

Kicking off the album is a collaboration from Mersiv and labelmate Calvin Hobbes, with their face-melting track “Reverberate.”  This one truly sets the tone for the rest of the album. With multiple tempo changes and drops, grungey vocals, and bouncy beats, you may find yourself out of breath. Pace yourself though, because there are still fifteen bangers left!

HIHF fam and a favorite of Ganja White Night’s SubCarbon label, Notixx, came out swinging with an insane addition to the album, “To The Core.” This upbeat bass-driven track shows his wide range of sounds and impressive abilities in production.

Wakaan’s elusive new go-to producer, Astrolizard, brought some diabolical heat to the album with “Moonrock.” This one is deliciously weird and delivers some wild syncopation between the bass and synths. 

Steller took the album in a new direction with her lucid and rhythmic “world bass” addition, “Letting Go.”  This track is a multi-dimensional genre-bender with dark heavy dubs to tickle the fancies of even the biggest bass lovers.

Another MorFlo favorite is the Chicago bass duo mlotik, who delivered their heart-thumping addition, “Temple.” The resounding bass and sinister beats take this track to a new level for these two talented producers.

One of the recent recipients of Excision and Subsidia’s Bass Music Initiative, Green Matter, went out guns blazing with “Louder.” The title is appropriate as you find yourself blown away by the intensity brought forth in this track. Starting with deep heavy bass and leading into a funky house party, this one is beyond fun and sure to bring out some groovy moves on the dance floor.

Last, but certainly not least, is a colossal addition from the deep dub producer Dalek One. His new release “Pulverize” is as towering as his stage presence. The nearly seven-foot-tall iconic producer is known for producing bass music that tickles the fancy of 140 lovers. Grimy, filthy, and otherworldly are just some of the words used to describe the beauty of Dalek One’s exceptional production prowess.

“Pulverize” brings forth a deep, underground sound to the album. Opening with a kick and drum snare leading into an ominous bassline, you are immediately overcome with an uneasy pit in your stomach. Reverberating bass ebb and flow throughout the track, heightening your senses while scrambling your brain. Dalek One’s official MorFlo debut will surely bring new fans to that underground sound and we are so gassed up that we got to premiere it. Here’s what Dalek One had to say about his contribution:

“‘Pulverize’ was inspired by how I was feeling in that exact moment and was a reflection of where I was at in my life. I was going through some very rough times and those were the sounds that came from my heart and soul that day. I put my everything into my music and I think you can tell with the absolute annihilation that is this song. Morflo Records to me is a group of DIY talented hard working individuals with the one goal and mindset. That is to release music that represents them in the most organic sense. Freeform Bass is a sound that doesn’t fit the normal genres of dubstep/dnb/halftime etc. It’s a way for those who don’t fit in certain genres to have their music understood and classified in a way they and others will resonate with.” – Dalek One

“Reverberate” brought forth a vast selection of talented artists armed with heavy-hitters. Every track is guaranteed to stomp some prints in the dirt, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear these played out on festival stages across the country. 

In more big news, we are ecstatic to present Dalek One’s playlist takeover on the HIHF Spotify channel. Packed with some of his favorite tracks, this is an absolute must-listen for fans of anything and everything heavy dubstep, bass and deep dub! Expect an ungodly amount of deep, dark, and disgusting bass in this playlist from the Deep Dark & Dangerous resident.

Which of these artists will you see rock some festivals this summer and which tracks are you most excited to hear live?! Let us know in the comments below or on our socials! Enjoy both Dalek One’s HIHF Playlist Takeover and the new Reverberate album below!

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