Bear Grillz is back! Today, the masked DJ and producer, who revealed his identity on Jerry Springer a few years back, has blessed his fans with a brand new banger. “Take Off” takes us on a journey through the lens of two incompetent airline pilots, who else but Blake Webber and Bear Grillz.

Webber has made his name as an Instagram and Youtube celebrity, with hilarious voiceovers of stars like Cardi B, Tekashi69, and even Lebron James. Webber provides the passengers with play-by-play commentary while Bear Grillz guides the plane through some heavy, neck-breaking turbulence

Webber’s valley-boy, goofball persona is crystal clear on the build-up to this track, you can see why Grillz would want to work with such a humorous individual. Check out the video above. These two are an absurd team-up, thanks to Dim Mak records for making it happen.

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