LSDream has been making some huge moves over the past year. The space-bass lieutenant brought us a full EP with Shlump, just collaborated with Wakaan labelhead Liquid Stranger, and has even started his very own Twitch livestream sessions, the R.A.V.E CAVE, live every other Friday night.

The first session was absolutely bonkers and LSDream brought heater after heater for the livestreamed set. We’ll definitely be tuning in again tonight.

On LSDream’s newest work, “Space Funk”, he recruits the legendary Z-Trip, one of the founders of the mash-up movement and DJ extraordinaire. Z-Trip recently performed on Insomniac’s virtual rave-a-thon stream last week and brought down the house.

Let us know what you think of this funky new collaboration from LSDream and Z-Trip below in the comments!

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