Thelem and Onhell are back at it again with another uniquely mold-breaking track. “Causatum”, an intricate fusion of both artists’ sonic profiles, came out on September 25th through Thelem’s own label, Chapters Music.

The chemistry between Thelem and Onhell is undeniable, they vibe on the same creative frequency and it’s a mindfuck every time they do. Onhell described the collaboration process with Thelem saying, “We made this track in 1 day. It flowed perfectly. We got stoned, experimented with some modular gear, sampled that, and made this tune. This shit drops and doesn’t stop going. That’s why I love to play it out live. I love Thelem, and feel like our tastes in music compliment each other greatly. I’m from the US and lean towards UK influenced music, like grime and dubstep, while Thelem is from the UK and leans towards US influenced music. This track is a perfect mesh for a perfect storm.

Causatum” is the first single from Thelem’s forthcoming Analogic EP. As for his reflections on his upcoming EP as a whole, Thelem expressed, “I had time offline and away from everything to focus on art and myself. It was nice to work on music with no outside influence or pressure. I’m happy with how the tunes turned out and work as an EP. I feel the vibe of them fits the dark time we are all currently facing.

In celebration of the release of their single “Causatum” Thelem and Onhell did a B2B DJ set on Thursday, September 24th on Twitch, but you can listen now below.

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