Back with another dose of infections wubs, Wonky Llama delivers on their third ever EP release. Comprised of Jade Cicada and Schmoop, these two bass music veterans carry listeners off to bass wonderland with their new EP “Drifting“.

Their last EP “Noms Remastered” is as it sounds — a second take on their first EP “Noms“. Both artists are part of the Tipper and Friends family, and their music certainly reflects it. They are masters of creating immense soundscapes and intricate music that both mystify and entrance listeners.

This four-song compilation takes listeners on a stunning journey full of both energy and intrigue. With an ethereal beginning, the first track, “Drifting“, quickly delves into intricate synth-fueled wubs. It strikes the perfect balance of melodic complexity, something at which both artists reign supreme.

The second track, “Poignant“, begins marching right along, with a tantalizing melody developing before dropping right back down into the depths of bassy goodness. This track moves with slower but purposeful intensity. It provides a range of differentiation while containing the same stylistic influences signature to the Wonky Llama sound.

“Buh” provides more relaxed, chill vibes. It grooves through listeners’ ears with a silky smooth severity, folding in the same intense bass but in just a more soothing way. All but moving mountains with their sound, “Crystal Mountains” opens up like the expanse of an immense mountainous range, invoking surreal imagery and true depth of emotion. It is a phenomenal conclusion to a masterful collection of music, leaving listeners in a state of peace and pure bliss.

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