ADAME needs to be on your radar for 2023. This up-and-coming producer has been cranking out tons of releases over the past few years, impressing us with each and every one.

The young German artist is currently residing in Denver, Colorado, looking to make an impact on the bass scene. Not only in an innovative way, but also in an inclusive one. He’s dabbled with multiple genres, including but certainly not limited to left-field bass, trap and dubstep.

It’s crystal clear he has a huge future ahead. You can see what’s in store for ADAME this year with his new showcase ‘ADAME 23’, which features loads of unreleased tunes from the rising star.

Today, ADAME is unleashing “Tabula Smaragdina,” a hefty new soundscape to add to his artillery of bangers. Simply put, this track is gross. It’s filthy in all the right ways. With his sound design in the bright spotlight, this track has everything you are going to want for a dance-floor-ready weapon for your DJ sets or bass-face playlists.

What did you think of ADAME’s new track “Tabula Smaragdina?” Let us know down below in the comments!

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