Clozee was one of our top shows we saw weekend 2 of Electric Forest. Luckily the french producer took to her Soundcloud to release her set from weekend 1. Scroll down for the tracklist.

“Electric Forest was the most beautiful festival experience I’ve ever had. Lots of incredible surprises and moments: between moving to the Sherwood Court on WKND1, to play on Tripolee during a hot day (but still having so many of you guys hanging out with me!!), and to have an additional set on Jubilee at night on WKND2… I came back to France sooo inspired!

It was a must for me to share this mix with you, as playing there was one of my dreams, and I want to thank all of you for being there during this amazing journey. I’m now very happy to share with you my mix from the Sherwood Court Stage (The Tripolee set was 90% similar). For those who are wondering about the Jubilee set, please join the Facebook Clozee Tribe and keep an eye for it ;).”


CloZee – Intro
ID (CloZee Remix)
Mazde – Neverland (MEMBA Remix)
CloZee – Apsara Calling
Sumthin Sumthin – Moon
CloZee – Drip (VIP)
ID (CloZee Remix)
CloZee – ID
CloZee – ID
CloZee – ID
CloZee – Red Forest
CloZee – Lonely Island
Zephyr – Camouflage (mashup with ‘Intro’ by Weval)
CloZee – Black Panther
CloZee – Harmony
Tha Trickaz – Heritage (CloZee Remix)
Milano – I Love You (edit)
MEMBA – O.D. (feat. TITUS)
CloZee – ID
Senbeï – Shinjuku Street (edit)
CloZee – Secret Place
Ratatat – Loud Pipes (CloZee Remix)
Barbatuques – Baiana (CloZee Remix 2.0)
CloZee – ID
Tha Trickaz – Robbery Song (Senbeï Remix)
Giraffage – Earth (edit)
CloZee – Koto
CloZee – Inner Peace
Hataah – The Goddess
RJD2 – Ghostwriter (CloZinger Remix)

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