Last year, I had the pleasure of attending the Elements Music and Arts Festival for the first time. You can read my thoughts in detail here, but in short: it was epic. 

Elements Music AND (emphasis on the and) Arts Festival was one of the smaller festivals I attended last year. However, it stood alone in its attention to detail and universal thoughtfulness. Every inch of the beautiful forest hosting the festival was lit at night. The forest was covered in artwork; even a roaming forty-foot glimmering dragon enhanced the viewing experience for everyone in the crowd. If last year indicated how Elements will embrace its new home in Long Pond, PA, sign me up for a lifetime subscription. 

How excited was I when Elements dropped the 2023 lineup? Quite excited. They made it a fun game for those waiting to see who’d be headlining their favorite festival and locked in HEAT across the board. Their phase two announcement just added tons of huge names like REZZ, STS9, Lane 8, Seven Lions, on top of copious other massive headliners like Subtronics, Skrillex, Porter Robinson and more. There’s something for everyone at Elements; let’s find out what’s waiting just for you! To find out, I want to ask you a critical question – Which element are YOU?  Let us know in the interactive poll at the bottom of the page!


Earth Elementals are here for the dirty dubs and hard-hitting bass. These folks are experts in navigating crowds and making silly faces when others walk by. Earth Elementals are easily identified by their head-to-toe tie-dye outfits and can-do attitudes. Nothing stands in the way of Earth Elementals and a good time!


Daily Bread

Daily Bread is one of electronic music’s premiere samplers. His massive music collection displays his love, appreciation, and understanding of hip-hop, which he fully shows off during his live sets. He had a breakout year in 2022, solidifying himself as a heavy-hitter in the bass scene. Festival sets, including Submersion, Sound Haven, Secret Dreams, and Wakaan Fest, provided incredible opportunities to showcase his abilities as a DJ and producer and brought his electro-funk and glitch-hop styles to the limelight. Daily Bread is a set you won’t regret checking out this summer at Elements. 

Of The Trees

The young Colorado native, Of The Trees, has made a massive name for himself with releases like Tanglewood and Tale Of Elegos. He is known for his experimental sound that pushes the boundaries of genres and tests the limits of sound engineering at every opportunity. His unique style creates an air of mystery during his sets and inspires the meanest bass faces around. This is certainly a can’t-miss set.


PEEKABOO established himself as a heavy-hitter in the bass music scene, evolving from backyard parties to festival mainstages as he quickly grew a dedicated fan base. His trademark style drops jaws and shakes foundations with gnarly sound design and heavy bass production. PEEKABOO is a must-see for every bass music fan at Elements this year, and you never know what new ID or collab he’ll be sneaking into his set after massive collabs with Skrillex and Marshmello over the years.

Ganja White Night

Belgian bass duo Ganja White Night are known for their wonky sound design and passionate visual storytelling. The duo has become a mainstay in the dubstep scene, hosting special events such as Wobble Collesium and headlining mainstages at Lost Lands. They are certain to bring the heat and inspire emotional moments through their sounds and imagery.


Philly icon Subtronics took over the dubstep scene in the late 2010s, bringing riddim influences to main stages and chopping up some of the filthiest mashups, edits, remixes, and originals ever. He has taken his talents to new heights through his label, Cyclops Recordings, and his debut album, FRACTALS. For this massive headlining performance, you can rely on Subtronics to astound with wild energy and big bass.


Water Elementals love their friends, their favorite artists, and aesthetic areas in a way no one else can. They are sensitive and emotive, empathetic and kind. If you’re ever lost in the sauce or just need a hug, a Water Elemental will be there for you. They are easily identified by their glowing aura of positivity, radiant crystal jewelry, quirky knick-knacks, and colorfully complex garments. Water Elementals are fantastic when it comes to going with the flow!


Femme House Stage Takeover

 FEMME HOUSE is a label that empowers women and gender-expansive individuals in the EDM world. Not only do they provide educational and scholarship opportunities, but they also offer professional development opportunities and actively cultivate their community. Leah Chisholm and Lauren Spalding, AKA LP Giobbi and Hermixalot, founded FEMME HOUSE in 2019 and have made waves to support the next generation of music industry professionals. They have had a hand in creating, promoting, and advocating so much music that they host their weekly radio show on SiriusXM every Friday night. We are so excited to see all the new tunes they highlight during the takeover!


Maryland producer, Zingara, also had a breakout year in 2022. She announced her first headlining tour, the Astra Tour, and released a massive EP in collaboration with AUSTERIA, Sisters of Fate. This year, Zingara unleashed her second headlining tour, Astra II, to great laud by audiences. Her most recent release, a collab with AUSTERIA, “WWYB3” features Miracle and showcases impeccable bass design and energetic house themes that bring the track to the next level. You can expect an incredible set any time you have a chance to see Zingara. 

Manic Focus Live Band

Manic Focus is a Denver-based producer known for his wide-ranging sets, mixing multitudes of genres ranging from funk and soul to heavy-hitting bass. When it comes to the Manic Focus live band, you never quite know what track they’ll pull out next, and the pleasant surprise of hearing your favorite Beatles song back to back with a drum and bass banger is an unmatched experience. You won’t want to miss this incredible set from the electro-funk maestro!


LSDREAM became a cant-miss act as soon as he debuted the project. Formally known as BRILLZ, LSDREAM debuted his first single through WAKAAN in 2018, taking the bass scene by storm. His emotional sets combine experimental bass, dubstep, downtempo, funk, jazz, and more to create mind-boggling melodies and bass lines. His colorful journey will surely be a highlight of the weekend for bassheads looking to get groovy!


Similarly, fellow Denver-based producer Mersiv will shock and astound you with filthy bass design and eclectic energy. Emotive, bass-filled tracks and epic collaborations drive each Mersiv set to satiate and energize crowds. Mersiv has been filling clubs and festival grounds for years, showcasing the pinnacle of experimental creativity in bass music. He is fearless when trying new ideas and is known for his top-tier live performances. Every Mersiv set is a special experience and I do not doubt his Elements set will leave jaws dropped in its wake.  

Photography Courtesy of Alive Coverage


Fire Elementals know how to party. These folks are energy packed from dawn to dawn and will always bring the hype to their favorite stage. Easily identified by their group-coordinated outfits, seemingly boundless energy, and Red Bull vodka in hand, Fire Elementals are taking full advantage of the weekend by staying up till the sunrise to hit all the late-night stages. If you’re looking for more fun as the headliners shut down stages, find the Fire Elementals and follow them to the afters!


Black Book Records Stage TakeOver

One of the two stage takeovers this year at Elements, Black Book Records is a renowned dance music label founded by Chis Lake and will be the perfect stop to get your feet moving and grooving. Chris Lake is obviously an icon in the house music realm, so if you are a house-head, you already know that you don’t want to miss out on this huge takeover!


In 2022, Level Up delivered top-notch tracks and blew away crowds with her DJ sets as a skyrocketing talent. During the year, she released two massive EPs, COVEN and Spellbound, which drew attention from the bass scene like a lightning rod. She is coming fresh off the release of her three-track EP, SHADOW SYMPHONY, featuring artists including AUSTERIA, TNYKVT, and Michael Swank. Level Up is one of the driving forces of the new generation of dubstep artists taking over the scene, from her incredible sound design to her mesmerizing visuals and stage presence – she’s officially a “can’t miss, won’t miss” in my book! 


Noizu has been a mainstay in the house scene since his debut on Chirs Lake and Skrillex’s curated ‘HOWSLA’ compilation album in 2017. He toes the line between traditional house beats and bass house influences in a way that separates him from the pack. You can expect a high-energy and vibrant set from this iconic DJ.


House legend, Tchami, is a master at his craft. Tchami takes his live performances seriously and uses his sets to craft feverously spiritual experiences. He invites everyone to enjoy the music and connect with their soul through rhythms and melodies. You can expect big things from this Tchami set, which is certain to leave you blissfully at one with the universe.

John Summit

John Summit has been atop the tech-house scene since 2021. He has accumulated millions of Spotify listeners per month, become the top-selling artist across all genres on Beatport, and debuted the chart-topping dance hit “Human.” His chaotic energy on stage now energizes crowds and fuels a blazing fire of hype on festival stages worldwide. The renowned king of going on benders, Summit is still a rising star, one to watch, and his sets are always worth a listen. It’s crystal clear he has a massive future ahead and is only getting bigger and bigger.


Air Elementals seek vulnerability in the music they listen to and will pounce on any chance they have to huddle up with their best friends to tell them how beautiful they are. Air Elementals are here to create lifelong memories they will forever cherish, always chasing the most emotionally driven and heartfelt sets. They are easily identified by red teary eyes, knowing all the lyrics to their favorite artists and unapologetically screaming them out, and looking backward at the crowd or their friends instead of the stage because they’re more concerned about the well-being of others. If you ever need a breather or a mental refresh, the Air Elementals will be there to brighten your day!


Ophelia Records Stage TakeOver

Melodic bass and dubstep lives here. Ophelia has released a multitude of heartwarming tunes that fill your headbanger eyes with tears. Ophelia is the official label of Seven Lions and has been dominating the melodic dubstep scene since 2018. Known for their standout collection of artists and heartwarming showcases, the Ophelia Records stage takeover is bound to be a delightful experience!


TOKiMONSTA is an LA-based superstar that has grown a cult following of dedicated fans who seek out her vibrant sets, which collate influences into a beautiful tapestry of music, weaving together trance, trap, bass, world, and pop. She is a world-traveling performer who creates engaging sets and elevates the musical experience with emotional leads and euphoric breaks.

Gorgon City

Gorgon City is known for their high-energy and upbeat sound. Mixing ambient and house influences, Gorgon City will send shivers as they activate your frontal cortex with cascading melodies and driving bass lines. This duo hails from the UK and have been topping charts since their earliest releases in 2012. Their most recent release, “Voodoo,” is a vibrant house-themed track that perfectly encapsulates the euphoric style they bring to their production.

Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson stands alone in his lane – a master of performance and emotional storytelling in his live sets, and his DJ sets don’t fall short. Incorporating epic edits of his music and tracks, he finds personally inspiring, each Porter set is a journey that will inspire audiences to scream lyrics and cry along to their favorite tunes. As unique as they come, Porter Robinson has stayed busy outside his landmark album releases, pushing multiple side-projects, including his 90’s Tech revival project, Virtual Self, and the progressive house project, Air2Earth. You can expect a wide range of genres to appear in this massive Porter Robinson Elements set. 


Skrillex returned to the top of the charts with two major album releases earlier this year. Not much needs to be said, as we all know Skrillex from his record-breaking releases dating back to 2010. Skrill has displayed his wide-ranging production capability through numerous releases, such as Dubstep-classic “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” the pop-inspired Jack Ü project, and recent albums incorporating a number of influences and elements from his entire catalog. This is probably the biggest ‘can’t miss’ set of the weekend.

Elements Festival is gearing up to be a legendary experience tucked away in the Pocono Mountains of Long Pond, Pennsylvania. I witnessed the incredible dedication, thoughtfulness, and creativity the Elements crew brought to the festival last year and I am beyond thrilled to see what they have in store for us this year. Tell your friends where you’ll be from August 11th to 13th. I know I’ll tell all my homies I’ll be at Elements!

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*all photography in this article is courtesy of Alive Coverage and Elements Music and Arts Festival

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