GOOD LORD FINALLY!!! The Astroworld trailer is here, Travis Scott just posted to twitter to announce his long awaited third studio album. Astroworld is now officially slated to drop this friday August 3rd. I was honestly pretty disappointed with Huncho Jack, his collab album with Quavo of Migos. But right when I heard Trav’s single from Astroworld, “Watch” feat his mentor Kanye West & Lil Uzi Vert, my mind was immediately changed. Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight is my favorite album of 2016 (the year that some people say both revived and brought a new era to hip hop music) and Rodeo was an instant classic as well (his sophomore and freshmen albums respectively). This snippet from “Stargazing” is classic Trav feels. La Flame walks around a snow covered, tripped out shopping mall that seems kind of post-apocalyptic Mad Max-y. The video ends with an astronaut saying “God Bless you all, see you in Astroworld”. Only three more sleeps until brand new Travis Scott music!! STRRRRRAAAAIGHT UP!


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