Wow, just wow.

Astroworld is finally here and Travis Scott showed the fuck up. Some of these tracks are INSTANT hits.

The Houston MC and Kardashian baby daddy has been teasing Astroworld to his fans for some time now, and let me tell you the project does not disappoint. With insane features spanning from Frank Ocean to Drizzy Drake to Tame Impala to John Mayer, this album certainly lived up to its massive hype.

The standout tracks to me are “Who? What!” which features Migos, “R.I.P. Screw”, “Wake Up” which features The Weeknd, “NC-17” which features 21 Savage, “Yosemite”, and the second half of “Stargazing”. Check out the full list of features below.

I was honestly surprised “Watch” didn’t make the album; Kanye West and Lil Uzi Vert on the same song is definitely a roller coaster in itself. “Butterfly Effect” did make the album, the two songs serving as what I thought were Astroworld’s singles.

The last four songs on the album also really stood out to me. “Who? What!” will be your radio-friendly “Butterfly Effect” 2.0, “Houstonfornication” is a love/lust letter to the town that La Flame calls home and has done so much for him, and “Coffee Bean” is the perfect outro, with Trav providing lyrical flex over possibly the chilliest beat of the whole album.

With beats from some of the biggest producers in the rap game like Sonny Digital, Mike Dean, Murda Beatz, and XO’s Cash, Travis and his all-star cast of features brought Astroworld back from the dead and shut the park down once again.

Make sure to listen to Astroworld on Spotify below and Apple Music here. Hope you enjoy La Flame’s third album as much as I did! Strrrrraaaaight up!


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