Excision Releases New Album “Apex”

Headbangers are overjoyed to see Excision’s most recent work being released to the world. Under the name Apex, this album has everything fans could have asked for from X. The fourteen-track album shows collaborations between the dubstep legend himself, Excision, and frequent collaborators like Dion Timmer, Space Laces, and Sullivan King. Already having released the song Gold” with future-bass god Illenium, the rest of these songs are expected to deliver that face-melting delight. So glad I am able to see X before and after this album came out. Virus, his last album, is one of my favorite electronic albums and we got to see him throw down all those bangers this weekend at Moonrise Festival.

This summer has been filled with new electronic releases, all with more of a relaxed vibe. Hopefully, Apex will bring back the absolute filth many of us have been so anxiously awaiting from X all year long. Check out the full album here and see the original post below. Highlight tracks are “1 on 1”, “Power”, “Vault”, “Hoods Up” and “Rumble” which I’m sure you have heard before in every trap DJ ever’s set from 2018.  Can’t wait to see X drop all these heaters at Lost Lands!!

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