Peekaboo & G-Rex Team up on “Babatunde”

Teased by Liquid Stranger and also Peekaboo himself over the past few weeks, Peekaboo and G-Rex hugely anticipated collab is finally here! The two bass producers have teamed up for “Babatunde”, off Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan Label.

Since his collab with Bassnectar, Peekaboo has been making his rounds tearing up the bass scene with his epic remix of Liquid’s “Hotbox” and his brand new Maniac EP, featuring the bangers “Motion” and “Maniac”. “Babatunde” is an epic, super deep bass track that we should be hearing everywhere at festivals very shortly. This mind-bending single is awesome and I can’t wait to be bumping this the rest of 2018, as I have been with “Motion” and “Maniac”.

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