Deylene Bensedira, better known as his stage name Sharks, hails from France and has emerged in the dubstep scene, turning loads of heads as of late. He has accomplished a lot in a short time, including winning remix contests by the likes of Disciple and MDK and having his songs played by huge artists like SLANDER, Eliminate, Ace Aura, and Chime.  Like Ace Aura and Chime, Shark fuses melodic and heavy elements to create what Chime calls the “color bass” sub-genre. In June 2019, Sharks released his debut EP Malestrom on Chime’s record label, Rushdown.

Today, Sharks releases his five-track Water Elemental EP, out now on Disciple. Every song illuminates color bass with liquid sounds and bubbling basslines. Solo originals include “Lullaby” and “Nereid,” which start off with melodic and twinkling trills leading into battered bass lines.

Collaborations featured on this EP include “Whirlpool ” featuring Skybreak, utilizing both producers’ uplifting melodic energy that they’ve become well known for, and “Morpha” featuring Dyatic, with filthy basslines.

There’s also the magnificent title track “Water Elemental,” featuring Rushdown labelhead Chime, which starts out slow with liquefied soundscapes, bringing you through an array of sound and emotion. By fusing aqueous melodies, futuristic synth work, and unique bass, Sharks’s special style, and color bass itself is sure to continue to radiate the dubstep scene.

Check out what Chime had to say about his massive collaboration with Sharks:

“Sharks has developed his sound a ton over the past few years since his EP release on Rushdown and it’s been a joy to hear him really come into his own with his unique signature sound. “Water Elemental” acts as a celebration of the liquid sound design we’ve both been developing recently which culminates into the most watery dubstep tune you’ll ever hear!” – Chime

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