Toadface is back with a brand new LP that shows off his signature, murky/swampy sound. “Bugs for Breakfast” is a 12 track project that features tons of different collaborators. The album was released through the Wakaan label, Liquid Stranger‘s home to some of the most unique acts in bass music.

Toadface, alongside fellow Wakaan acts like Space Jesus, Peekaboo, and Luzcid, are each known for their unique styles of freeform bass music. Toadface is the epitome of what Wakaan has already brought to Electronic Dance Music. LP Below.

Todd Holler aka Toadface has been producing music since 2011, but really got his break into the game in early 2015, after a very successful nationwide tour with dubstep producer Yheti. The two soon formed their own musical trio with some help from Mt. Analogue, becoming simply known as “Trifinity” and releasing a self-titled album the next year.


Now Toadface is back with a brand new release through Wakaan, which features fellow bass names like DMVU, Of The Trees, and of course his close friend and frequent collaborator, Yheti. We had the chance to talk to Toadface about his beginnings, who his biggest inspirations are, who he’s listening to right now, and what he wanted to be when he grew up. Enjoy the exclusive interview below.

HIHF: Congrats on the new LP! We really enjoyed it and were happy to share “Bugs for Breakfast” on Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us! First off, how did you get your start producing electronic music?

T: My older brother is Yheti and he taught me how to make beats around 2010 along with a bunch of our other friends. At first, it just started out as a hobby but then I started to gain some traction and felt like I had something special and unique to bring to the table and conversation of electronic music so I started taking it more seriously.

H: What’s your relationship with Yheti like now? You two are collaborating again after dozens of collabs already, what goes into that collaborative process? Especially after doing it so many times?

T: We have been very close our whole lives and he only lives 10 minutes from me so we hangout all the time. We have similar visions in that we want to write the most psychedelic bass music we possibly can. Our collaborative process usually involves us throwing as many ideas at the project as we possibly can and then taking a step back and seeing which ideas work and which need to be thrown in the garbage.

H: What genre would you classify your music as?

T: I like to think of it as psychedelic dubstep or left field bass. I think the way the fans experience it is what it truly is so everyone’s own experience is what it is for them if that makes sense.


H: Who are some of your biggest inspirations? What about some of your more recent inspirations?

T: I have always been really inspired by G Jones, Tsuruda, Bleep Bloop, Yheti, Space Jesus, Liquid Stranger, and all of my friends music. Some of my most recent inspirations have come from Eazybaked, Sfam, and Of The Trees, so working with them on the project was a great honor.

H: What are you listening to right now?

T: All sorts of stuff, I was getting really into rap for a while but now I am back to listening to EDM pretty heavily. The new Of The Trees EP is really good and all the music on Noisias and Ivy Labs labels are top notch.

H: Do you ever listen to any of your friends’ music?

T:All the time, every producer from the Dayton area writes forward thinking electronic music and it has all inspired me to be forward thinking as well.

H How did the name “Toadface” come to life?

T: My first name is Todd and my Dad would always call me Toad so I started off with the name Toadface Destroyer but I thought the Destroyer part was kind of silly, long, and too violent sounding.  

H: Okay, thanks for sitting with us! Last question, now this might be a little hard. What was your favorite track to make on “Bugs for Breakfast”?

T: I loved writing all the tracks but i think “Cronenberg” was my favorite to write because working with other people helps prevent the project from running into a wall and the inspiration just keeps going because we all have our own techniques and had ideas on the direction the track should go. Thank you for all the questions.


Thanks again to Toadface for sitting down and answering some questions about his new LP! Check it out above.


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