Marshmello Links Up With Roddy Ricch For Newest Single “Project Dreams” (Music Video)

Marshmello Recruits……wait? Who? Roddy Ricch just blew up from his London On Da Track produced street banger “Die Young“, a track that Rolling Stone claimed was “Need to Know” in 2018. The internet went nuts when the two artists were spotted in the studio together.

Now, Roddy Ricch’s long-awaited collab with the superstar, masked DJ Marshmello is finally here! Marshmello has worked with tons of different artists in 2018, and it’s no surprise he’s pushing towards Hip-Hop. He even goes as far as making his own DJ tag. “Mello made it right!”

I actually fuck with it haha. Roddy Ricch’s unique, soulful voice shines brightly over this trappy new beat from Mello. This might be another hit for the young rapper, I’m sure we’ll see soon! Check Out the video for “Project Dreams” here!

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