Illenium has propelled to the top of the EDM ranks in the past two years and if you haven’t seen his live show before it’s a can’t miss, mind-bending feels-fest. Yesterday was Illenium’s birthday, so as a self-birthday and Christmas present to his massive fan army of Illenials, Illenium has released a mix full of a bunch of awesome live edits from his Awake 2.0 tour. The mix is released through massive Youtube EDM network Trap Nation and all edits/intros are available for download here. Tracklist below.

Enjoy this new mix and be sure to catch an Illenium set as soon as you can. We’re stoked to see him at Hijinx Fest in Philly, check out our Hijinx Essentials Playlist before the festival this weekend!




1. 2017 Intro(1:00-3:10)
2. 2018 Awake 1.0 Finale(3:10-4:59)
3. Lost, DisarmYou, ChosenYou(Illenium Trap Edit)(4:59-7:16)
4. Say It(Illenium VIP edit)(7:16-11:58)
5. Needed You/Silence(Illenium Edit)(11:58-14:01)
6. Angels & Airwaves – The Adventure(Illenium Remix)(14:01-17:27)
7. Take You Down/Don’t Let Me Down(Illenium Edit)(17:27-19:20)
8. Crawl Outta Love Intro/VIP Edit(19:20-22:54)
9. Where’d U Go(Fort Minor X Illenium Mashup)(22:54-25:44)
10. Awake 2.0 Intro(Gold)(25:44-28:38)

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