Subtronics Drops “Now That’s What I Call Riddim” Vol. 4

Subtronics, AKA the wonderboy of poi, starts 2019 off with another edition of his coveted “That’s What I Call Riddim” mix series. Volume 4 is fueled through riddim-laced edits of some of Subtronics’ best works to date and epic chop-jobs of some industry favorites. An ensemble of fellow Bass/Riddim acts introduce Subtronics throughout, and their extremely brief commentaries add just another dash of humor on top of the American Dad/Always Sunny samples filled mix. Volume 4 definitely delivers the firepower and lives up to the hype, Jesse’s been tweeting about this mix for months now. Hop into the riddim portal below.


Subtronics — Now That’s What I Call Riddim Vol. 4

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