Martin Stääf, better known to his fans as Liquid Stranger, is one of the most innovative and exciting names in electronic music. The 40-year-old Swedish producer and Wakaan Labelhead has been active since 2003. He’s become most well-known for his freeform bass and various tribal/international influences seen in his music, leading to the labeling of his style as “Transnational Dubstep”.

Liquid brought us his ground-breaking “Polarity EP” just a couple months ago, and today he brings us the first cut from his highly anticipated, upcoming follow up “Infinity LP”. “Burn Like Sun” is a more mainstream Liquid track, utilizing the chilling vocals of Leah Culver. Even though this is somewhat out of left field from the Wakaan Head Honcho, I’m really enjoying this end result.

A weighty bassline, dynamic drum rolls and melodic fluidity are the backbone of this single, and Liquid Stranger completes the sound with his technically dazzling aplomb. Let it take you on a journey as a gripping introduction to what the ‘Infinity’ LP has to offer.

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