Ariana Grande Recruits 2 Chainz for “7 Rings” Remix

Ariana Grande‘s latest release was pretty underwhelming in my opinion. I think Ari is absolutely crushing it in general, Sweetener is definitely in my top 10 albums of 2018, BUT “7 Rings” somehow doesn’t do it for me. Very corny song, in my honest opinion (as the kids say).

Enter 2 Chainz for the official remix. I honestly feel like this link up might have solely come from the “Pretty Girls Luv Trap Music” all-pink, trap house aesthetic that 2 Chainz boasted on his last album cover and music vids. Ari had a very similar pinked-out trap house in her “7 Rings” vid….that’s just my theory. Pretty lazy if you ask me.

2 Chainz’ verse is fine. Adds very little, but maybe enough to bump this instead of the original. Maybe you’ll disagree and really enjoy the new remix. Let us know in the comments!

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