Open up your heart for Dabin’s third album titled “Between Broken.” You will need tissues as you enter his next emotional journey!

Dabin, now located in Denver, is known for his alluring guitar riffs and beautiful lyrics. He recently restarted his Into The Wild Tour and has been playing big festivals including  Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Electric Forest. His last album “Wild Youth”  captured the hearts of every melodic bass fan who listened. After touring with ILLENIUM, his solo career continues to rise to new heights. He has released on Kannibalen Records, Mr. Suicide Sheep’s label, and Seeking Blue. Catch him at EDC Las Vegas next weekend and the rest of his rescheduled tour stops!

“Between Broken” is an album full of magic, desire, heartbreak, and wishful thinking. It starts with guitars, pianos, and echoing vocals that captivate the feeling of wanting your heart to cry out.  “When This is Over,”  the second track on the project, with Nurko and featuring Donovan Woods, is a great representation of Dabin’s feelsy, sad boi music, alongside  “Drown” featuring Mokita that will have you literally drowning in tears. This beautiful and affectionate song is about not letting your significant other fall and being able to catch them.

The next track, “Again,” stacks on to the emptiness cry with harps and lyrics speaking about predetermined fate. It is more upbeat but it still continues to keep that hopeful dreamy tone Dabin has become so well known for. Afterward “Starbright”  begins with ocean waves that take you to a perfect date setting, especially with Trella’s enchanting vocals. The drops hit you like you’re falling for someone for the first time and the arrangement of beats and vocals add to that sensation.

Then the album makes a shift with “Komorebi,” which is slow-paced with no vocals. All the kicks and synths captivate your mood to get ready for the second half of the new album. Dabin continues to keep his signature guitar sound throughout the project. “Smoke Signals” is the seventh song on the album, full of sky-reaching drops. The familiar single “Holding On” with Lowell’s heartbreaking lyrics is next, showcasing how broken love can be displayed beautifully. These two songs are tear-jerkers, showing Dabin’s mastery of embracing your emotions, even sadness.“Forever” then comes on, providing hugs to your broken heart with the added electro kicks that will help dance your tears away.

The shift then changes again and this time to indie rock vibes. “Ready” with William Black and “Hope It Hurts'”  have even more heartfelt vocals from Xxajii and Essenger with a full rock band sound. The stringing on the guitar and drums hitting each beat hard helps add to the moving journey of the album before it reaches the end. Then “Remember” with Noelle Johnson’s starts which is comparable to a lullaby. It is gentle and mystical ready to say goodbye to you. The album then ends with the released tune “Feel Like” which connects the whole album on a positive and hopeful way.

The whole album went front reaching into the broken pieces of your heart, throwing them, and then picking them up again to start a new relationship.  All that sadness is filled with promising love. “Between Broken” shows off Dabin’s unique, emotional, futuristic, melodic bass. This is an album for all the hopeless romantics out there!

Here is what Dabin had to say about “Between Broken” :

“The concept behind ‘Between Broken’ alludes to the idea that we are all just this union of memories and experiences. And more often than not, it’s the negative experiences that shape our character and make us stronger. While it’s easy to let the weight of these negative experiences dictate our sense of self, I think it’s the moments in between these experiences, and how we overcome them, that define us and shape us into the people we are today.” – Dabin

Which track from “Between Broken” is your favorite?  Listen below and let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or on our socials!

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