Felix Cartal remixes Billie Eilish’s hit “When The Party’s Over”

Currently on her nearly sold-out European tour, Billie Eilish is a vocal sensation and phenomenon. At only 17 years old, she may have already mastered her sound and musical style. One of her biggest songs to date is “When The Party’s Over,” a melancholy, mostly acapella track with a chilling video accompaniment of Eilish drinking a thick, black, vile, poison drink.

Now, Felix Cartal has taken his shot at a remix of the track and it’s a pretty incredible result. Felix Cartal brought forth a new sound with remixes for Selena Gomez and Kiiara in 2016 and recalls Drake and the Beatles as influences to his sound. Since then, he has worked with R3hab & Kascade as well as releasing an album of his own and an EP of remixes.

For this remix of Billie Eilish’s “When The Party’s Over“,  Felix Cartal adds a steady beat and speeds up the track. He manages this while keeping the melancholy and haunting sounds of the original track. Listen below and see what you’ll think of this unique remix.

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