DJ Snake has concocted quite a collab and track to roll off the success of “Taki Taki” back in the fall.  He has teamed up with Eptic, a Belgian DJ who has been HEAVILY on the rise in the Dubstep game over the past few years. It seems like a lot of artists are taking it back to that old school, 2012-2013 feel. DJ Snake and Eptic have done just that and more with their killer new collab, “SouthSide“.

The two acts have incorporated a ton of unique sounds into this powerhouse song which reportedly took them over a year to create. From the very start, this track wrecks it with wacky, gibberish lyrics and sick Dubstep staples. A little over a minute and a half in, we get to take a breather with a smoother, synth-heavy riff before launching back into action. This track will certainly take over your weekend in the best way. Check out “SouthSide” below.



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