LUZCID Shines On New ‘Prophecy’ EP Through Wakaan [Free Download]

One of our favorite Bass acts of 2018 is back with a brand new, four-track EP! Today, LUZCID brings the madness on his Prophecy EP through the Wakaan label. LUZCID explores tons of different spaces on Prophecy, whereas his last EP was more focused on a similar sound. Don’t get me wrong. I loved his Cognition EP, but it’s great to see an artist like this get more experimental with his work.

You can catch LUZCID on Zomboy’s ‘Rott and Roll’ Tour this Spring as well as this Summer at Electric Forest, Dancefestopia, and of course, Wakaan fest in early October. Enjoy his galactic new EP below and be sure to grab it for free download!

“For me, it was a transformative musical process. These songs all developed over the course of a year or more. I actively tried to step outside of my comfort zone and push to the next tier musically. I wanted this piece to be seen as a transition into something new, bigger and better than ever before.”  


Free Download: LUZCID – Prophecy EP

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