The rising producer 1788-l, who has been dropping back to back heaters throughout 2018 and has built a massive following has dropped his latest track “Malfunkt”. Coming out of nowhere with the music to back his extreme growth, 1788-l has a Glitchy, mid-tempo Bass style that coincides with Rezz, who he has worked with him in the past.

Most notably on this new track, it is credited to Deathpact who is one of the most ominous and secretive names buzzing around the electronic world right now. After collaborating on “Life and Death” with Rezz on her last album, they have gained serious notoriety while still staying undercover. With a super sketchy website that has nothing to be seen besides secretive code and a chain of weird voicemails, nobody knows who Deathpact really is. Whoever it is, they are an extremely talented producer and have done an amazing job of building some mysterious hype around themselves.

I am very excited to see what 2019 brings for both 1788-L & Deathpact. Enjoy their new collab below and keep an eye out for 1788’s upcoming EP coming out through Deadbeats.


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