Jai Wolf released his highly anticipated debut album, The Cure to Loneliness, this morning and it is certainly living up to the hype. Sajeeb has teased the album by releasing six songs (either singles or as part of the two-track EP Telepathy/Lose My Mind) that would ultimately be part of the album. On the album, he gave us six brand new songs that were pretty much on par with the ones already released. An accomplishment worth noting, given the absurdly high quality of the singles.  Of the singles, my personal favorite is “Better Apart“, the production combines a melodious Future-Bass feel with emotional vocals by Dresage.

Of the tracks we heard for the first time today, the one that stood out to me after my first few listens was “Drowning” featuring Robokid. With a house type drop and deep vocals, it definitely deserves a couple listens. Honorable mentions: “Your Way“, “Telepathy“, “Lose My Mind“, “Manic Pixie Dream“.

Jai Wolf recently played Sundara Music Festival where the album played a huge role in his sets. He played a b2b with Chet Porter during a daytime pool party and a full festival set right before Odesza closed out the festival. A few Cure to Loneliness tracks were sprinkled into his pool party set and the album was very much the focal point of his second set. Sundara was the perfect way to kick off The Cure to Loneliness tour, starting April 10th at the 9:30 club in Washington D.C. If Jai Wolf’s Sundara set was any indication of how good his tour show will be then we’re all in for a treat.

The album is definitely worth the listen whether you’re on the dance floor or relaxing by the beach. Listen for yourself below.


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