G-Space is back with a brand project through the independent label A 40oz Collective! Last month, we brought you their “Top Rope” compilation album. Today, they bring us the new twelve track album from the mind of G-Space with features from tons of up and coming producers like Abelation, NEWSENSEi, tiedye ky, and many more.

Enjoy Snap Season Vol. 1 and check out what G-Space had to say about *snapping* on the new project below.

“This project means the world to me, it is essentially the story of my past few years and all the incredible people who have came into my life. It’s a way to shine a light on my beautiful circle of friends and how connected we all are. Renee King’s artwork (Ruku Customs) is intertwining us all together on the album, and as friends in real life. She is one of my best friends and such a centerpiece in our friend circle. Karlos Cruz (Visual.9) of 40oz Records, is a brother to me now. He was the first one who introduced me to Renee. I am so inspired by all the art we create together, sometimes I feel that we are at the epicenter of a new renaissance. Renee and Karlos were the first people to really show me what “snapping” means. To us, “snapping” is when you are fully engulfed in your passion and can’t stop working on it no matter how much of a break you need, nothing in the world can stop you. All of my friends are snapping right now, it’s snap season baby….”

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