With each new release, DNMO is setting himself apart from the rest of the up and comers in this booming electronic scene. This might have something to do with the fact that the eighteen-year-old producer’s greatest interests lie within the realms of Hip-Hop and Rock music. In 2018, he provided direct support for both Ghastly and Ookay’s North American tours. DNMO made his US Debut at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater, making him the youngest electronic artist to perform there at seventeen.

His new EP, Definition Forbidden, comes to us through Zeds Dead’s imprint, Deadbeats, which houses some of the most exciting releases in Dubstep and Bass Music. DNMO has shined on past releases through Deadbeats like “We Could Be Kings” and “Do It Better”.

Today, DNMO goes in more of an emotional direction with his new project. Each of the three tracks draws inspiration from feelings that everyone might experience in their day to day lives. Check out what the Cornwall, UK based producer had to say about each of the three tracks and enjoy Definition Forbidden through Deadbeats below!

“Sick Of You” was written about a girl in your life that you cherish more than anyone else. It’s about old habits, ritual attraction and at times, pity, obscured the fact that this girl was a toxic ailment towards everyday life. We have been working with each other for the past year or so but only online. This time around we spent a week writing music in the studio together, which really helped us reach a whole new level of songwriting. Thought that experience we were able to capture the high energy vibe we were feeling at the time”. 

“‘No Way Out’ was one of the first steps I took over the last 12 months towards a new electronic meets pop wave of my music. I think most people have experienced feeling like they’re in a never-ending tricky situation, or felt the paranoia of someone you love being shady. So when Noy showed me her initial idea, I knew we could team up and create something the majority of us can relate to”. – DNMO


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