The two Chicago producers, INZO and Align, have been on a tear recently with several epic new singles between the two of them. Their newest track, “Notions“, features vocals from Pauline Herr.  From the start of this brilliant soundscape, it sounds as if there are waves crashing onto the shore, but not on earth’s beaches, way deep in outer space. Pauline Herr’s beautiful vocals perfectly complement this Deep, Future Bass track.

Both INZO and Align will be playing their own sets at this year’s North Coast Music Festival. The lineup was released earlier today and features Bassnectar, Major Lazer, Tchami, Jauz, and many other booming electronic acts.

If you haven’t already listened, checkout INZO’s past release “Wonder”, as well as Align’s “Over You”.  And of course, listen to “Notions” below, through Elixir records.

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