Klutch has made some of our favorite Bass remixes out there. Whether he’s taking on throwbacks like Nelly and Blink-182 or huge EDM names like Porter Robinson and San Holo, the result is always steaming hot lava of a production.

He’s had releases come out through esteemed labels Ganja White Night’s Subcarbon Records and Gravitas Music and has provided support for NGHTMRE, SLANDER, Ekali, and many others. Klutch is a for sure one to watch in this quick-paced and booming industry. This New Orleans up and comer is crushing it right now and he’s only getting started.


We had the chance to sit down with Klutch to pick his brain. Check out what he had to say below.

H: How did your musical journey begin?

K: Since as far back as I can remember. I was raised Catholic and my father played in the music group at church. I would sit with them every Sunday and so live music was always a major part of my life. I went to my first piano lesson at 7 or 8, got my first guitar at 10. Music has always been there.

Who are some of your influences? Any influencers that aren’t musicians?

Trent Reznor, Olli Sykes, Maynard James Keenan, Zeds Dead, Skrillex, Deadmau5, my friends and family, whichever book I’m reading, the philosophers of history. Really anyone encouraging people to think outside the box.

What genre would you consider your music?

I like to call it “Anthemic Bass Music”.



We know you’re tight with TVBOO, do you have any funny stories from playing shows together or even just hanging out?

Of course, kids my little brother. I think every one of our adventures is a funny story, he’s always figuring out how to get us in trouble and I’m always trying to figure out how to get out of it.

Is there a collab in the works from you two?

There is indeed, keep your eyes peeled for June.

Who are some of your other favorite up and coming producers right now?

All the Nola boys. TVBOO, sfam, Bawldy are all slaying their lane. Subdocta is really making a name for himself in the dub lane. Jaenga, Lucii, Pax Impera, Suahn, Inzo, Zia, KTRL, man there are just way too many to name.

You’ve taken on a lot of ‘classic’ tracks with your remixes. Whether it’s an EDM classic like Porter Robinson’s “Unison” or RL Grime’s “Core” to Hip Hop classics like Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” and Nelly’s “Air Force Ones”, going as far as Punk-Rock and even classical remixes. What goes into which original tracks you choose to remix?

Honestly, there’s no real rhyme or reason behind that. I have a running list of tracks I’d like to remix, but eventually, it just comes down to what flows when it’s time to sit down and work.



Kind of a hard question here, what is your favorite remix that you’ve crafted? Like if you were playing a weird desert island set and you were only allowed to play one of your remixes what would it be?

Only one remix. It might have to be Beethoven because it’s so universal. But I love my BMTH “Can You Feel My Heart” remix as well as my Fever Ray remix or Code Black “Pandora” remix.


New Orleans holds a pretty booming Bass scene. It also has a reputation for it’s Cajun cooking or being a big partying/bars town. What is something you love about your city that you feel like most people wouldn’t know?

That’s only something that can be answered in person. There is an air about this city that cannot be fully described but can only be physically experienced. There’s a magic only New Orleans possesses.

What is one (or more) venue(s) in North America you hope to one day play?

RED (and I cannot stress this enough) ROCKS!



Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us, André! Would love to see you at Red Rocks someday and I could bet that day is coming sooner than you think! 

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