Sullivan King released The Demented EP back in January with 4 tracks that received tons of praise. The long-haired, wide-grinning Dubstep artist dabbles in DJing, guitar, singing and screaming. His shows are known to be a wild time, as he’s been touring across the country with Excision on his Apex Tour. Today, he comes at us with a brand new collab with Kai Wachi, who is currently providing support on Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ international Mutation Tour.

Between the Lines” is fucking terrifying, with heavy bass and limited lyrics including “middle fingers up” and “everybody fucking jump.” This song is so high energy it will actually leave you feeling exhausted afterward. As always, King has blended screamo and EDM for the better, it’s going to be the perfect addition to his massive catalog of hits.

Check out Sullivan King and Kai Wachi’s newest work through Kannibalen Records below!


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