Deathpact is an on the rise, mysterious Bass producer who’s made some heavy waves throughout the industry over the past year. He appeared on both Rezz and 1788-L’s most recent projects and has another Rezz collab on her upcoming Beyond The Senses EP.

Rezz and 1788-L may be the two most popular names within that Midtempo Bass sub-genre/grouping, so it’s pretty obvious Deathpact is starting to get the right people’s attention. With ominous online hints prior to each of their releases, Deathpact has done an insane job expanding their always intrigued fan base.

Today, the dark, mysterious figure, simply known as Deathpact is bringing ya a brand new project titled Departure. These tracks are both massive and angry, relentlessly ripping through your earbuds, tearing apart your perception of Bass Music. The two-track EP comes to us through Deadmau5’s imprint Mau5trap. As Deathpact tells their fans, “We Are All Deathpact“, so great job everyone on these new bangers!

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